Outreach & Education

Education and outreach are at the heart of the AVATARS to disseminate project results, including interactive visualisation and exploration tools of seed development. An important first result of this work package is the VR Experience ‚Plant Journey ‚designed for school children has been produced together with Simmation (Berlin) and in close consultation with the partner BPO. The VR game within ‚Plant Journey‘ delivers basic knowledge on plant biology and was first presented at the IdeenExpo 2019 in Hannover. The playful combination of fundamental plant physiology and plant improvement through breeding was well received by the school children and our Minister of Education and Research, Mrs Anja Karliczek. One VR stations will be continuously available for visitor groups and events at IPK, such as its open days. , while the other two will go on tour, Other VR stations will go on tour to the project partners for local events and science fairs and other occasions. Furthermore, discussions have been initiated among IPK and BPO on the necessary steps towards marketing this project result already within the present early phase of the AVATARS project.