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Outreach & Education

The AVATARS project aims to disseminate project results and collaborate with other parties to enhance data visualization and exploration tools. Workshops will be organized to inform users and software developers about the capabilities and challenges in plant research and breeding. The project also focuses on engaging university students, high school students, science journalists, and the general public through target group-specific interactive tools and dissemination channels. Additionally, an exhibition module called “Plant Journey” will be developed as a 3D game to educate and involve students in plant research and the potential of agricultural plant production. The module challenges players to optimize a canola plant’s utilization of nitrogen and highlights the versatility of plants in the context of the BioEconomy.

In addition to engaging specific target groups, the AVATARS project recognizes the importance of science communication with the general public. Through various dissemination channels such as our blog, social media platforms like Twitter, and public outreach activities, efforts will be made to raise awareness and foster interest in plant research and its potential contributions to addressing future agricultural challenges. The project aims to provide accessible information and deeper background insights, bridging the gap between “high-tech research” and the wider audience, without oversimplifying the scientific content.

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