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Metabolic Profiling

Co-Project leader: Dr. Ljudmilla Borisjuk

phone: +49 39482 5-687,



  • Dr. Hardy Rolletschek
  • Steffen Wagner

This WP aims to comprehensively describe the abundance of metabolic intermediates as proxy of central metabolism in the individual seeds and parts thereof. Metabolites will be extracted from the same seed tissue samples as used for RNA-Seq and shotgun proteomics (collected and aliquoted in WP II.5). For analysis, we rely on our new mass spectrometry platform, consisting of liquid chromatography (IC and UPLC mode) coupled to the Orbitrap Fusion high resolution mass spec, allowing to detect numerous relevant sugars, amino acids, glycolytic and citric acid cycle intermediates, nucleotides, cofactors and other low abundant compounds. The applied platform in its current state detects ~250 compounds in rapeseeds when applied in the nontargeted metabolite profiling approach. The same analytical platform will be used to measure the phytohormones ABA and auxin, which control important processes in seed development, storage metabolism and germination. Data generated in this WP will provide relevant information on the metabolic status of seed tissues at distinct stages of development for the individual genotypes. In addition, the dataset will be available as reference values for comparison to results of FBA-modeling (WP II.8) and various visualization approaches (WPII.14).

Figure: Measurement of primary metabolites and phytohormones