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Plant Science Meets Virtual Reality

We find ourselves in an exhilarating era of information abundance, filled with both remarkable possibilities and daunting challenges. Never before have we been inundated with such an overwhelming flood of scientific knowledge, and yet never before have we been so bewildered by its complexities. Today, researchers possess an extraordinary ability to delve into the intricacies of plant biology, unveiling details that were unimaginable in the past. They can decipher the genome, analyze gene activities, measure numerous protein and metabolite levels, capture growth through advanced camera technology, and scrutinize the intricacies of seeds.

This profound understanding of the inner workings of plants presents breeders with unprecedented opportunities to enhance crops. However, the sheer volume and intricacy of the resulting data present significant hurdles for researchers and breeders when it comes to analysis, visualization, and interpretation. In response, the AVATARS project brings together scientists, computer scientists, and breeders to forge novel approaches that render multidimensional plant research data accessible and manageable. Through the creation of a virtual environment, researchers and users can immerse themselves, donning 3D glasses to navigate this groundbreaking realm. What may once have sounded like science fiction is rapidly becoming a tangible reality.

At the “Plant Science Meets Virtual Reality” sofa event, visionary minds behind the AVATARS project share profound insights into their work. Through a series of succinct presentations, you will gain a deeper understanding of the project’s origins, the precise techniques employed to measure plants and their seeds, and the meticulous preparation of data for its awe-inspiring 3D presentation. Furthermore, we are thrilled to showcase a live demonstration of the new virtual research environment, allowing you to witness firsthand the transformative power of this cutting-edge technology.